Time to live and work in the forest co-living!

The greenest coworking & coliving new_level Georgia for digital nomads is a great alternative to a coworking in Tbilisi.
Become productive and live in an eco-friendly environment closer to nature.


"The feature of our coliving is the location. This is a village, closer to nature, to clean air, ...
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Founder of a coliving new level in Georgia

Igor Shi

Hi friends!

My name is Igor. I am the founder of rural  Coworking & Coliving new_level Georgia.

There is a small wonderful country on the Black Sea coast. It has a great history and ancient culture, cheerful and hospitable people, delightful nature and generous land.

We open the coliving & coworking in Georgia for you. We want it to become another home for digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers on our beautiful planet.


Upcoming events and NEWS

We make the world more accessible to those who trevel and  work online.
We give a new opportunity to live in an clean and safe environment, travel and discover Georgia, meet interesting people and gain new experience and knowledge.

Why should you choose us?


We are located in an ecologically clean environment at the edge of the village next to the Sataplia nature reserve forest.
A bus stop to Kutaisi or Tskaltubo is 50 m away. Travel time is 20/10 min.


The coliving area has a large garden where you can productively work, socialize and relax.

Outdoor activities

There are many places around for different activities, from forest jogs and a cave bar to a conference room in an abandoned quarry.

Relaxation and productivity

We have the perfect places to relax or focus on your projects, get rid of stress and enjoy a peaceful environment.

Coworking community

Just like a home needs a family, coworking spaces thrive on a community of like-minded people who share similar principles, interests, and lifestyles. 

The coworking new_level is you, for you and about you!

At the coliving opening on June 19, 2021.

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Coliving accommodation

We aim to be flexible with both types of accommodation and pricing options, ensuring we can provide you with a wide range of choices. Whether you prefer a single or double room, a shared room for two, a dormitory for four, or a comfortable tent for one or two, we have options to suit your needs.

Rural coliving new_level offers a unique experience, providing residents with natural green surroundings. In such a place, it's easy to find a balance between solitude and socializing, as well as between work and leisure. Flexible living periods allow adapting one's schedule to personal needs, freeing from household routines in favor of more free time for outdoor activities and events outside the city.

The accommodation price includes :


Сoworking 24/7


Events access

And also:

All utility bills
are included

Fast fiber and wi-fi

сoffee and tea

Regular cleaning
of the dormitory

Regular cleaning of common areas

Hygiene products and
household chemicals

«The pleasure from the bar»

Salsa cubana classes

Maker space

What's the bottom line?

You get coliving accommodation + coworking space + community + activities + garden + green environment and all of the above from   199  159  $/30days.

Meals (It is important)

We have a small equipped kitchen so we would prefer to prepare meals for you. It will be simple and varied homemade food. You will be able to explore Georgian cuisine and dishes from other countries.

The cost of three meals a day is on average $12 per day (3+4+5). You can skip a meal by notifying us in advance.

If it is important for you to cook for yourself, we can discuss it.
In this case, the price for using the kitchen will be $40 per month (use, cleaning and washing dishes).

In addition, we have a barbecue and we can always cook BBQ.

The town of Tskaltubo is 2.5 km from the coworking & coliving, where there are cafes, grocery shops and a farmers' market.

Coliving has its own nomadic bar ‘the moon’. It is our members' favourite place for work and evening events.

The interiors and menu of the bar can be viewed here.

Service available to members

Monitor rental 23" - 19 USD/months
Headphone rental - 9 USD/months
Bike rental - 39 USD/months

At the time of your departure:
Rent a box 400x600x500 (0,12m³) - 5 USD/months
Rent a box 150x150x300 - Three months free. Further 2 USD/month


Coworking spaces

The coworking space has several types of spaces. There is a main space where people work during the day and some events take place in the evening. There is also a quiet space for those who are used to working in silence. And there are two small call rooms with a comfortable chair and table.

On the second floor there is an open space where you can work outdoors. And of course the garden, where you can also organize a workplace.

Rooms of the coliving

We offer different types of accommodation for different budgets.

Residents can be accommodated in a private single room, a shering room for 2, a dorm room for 4 and a shering tent for 2.


The real gem of our coliving is the ability to live as close to nature as possible in large tents and sleep on comfortable beds. They have electricity and wifi.
The tents are set up on wooden podiums and have their own small courtyard.
The campsite also has a washbasin, shower and toilet.


The garden has common and private work areas, BBQ area, coffee place, hammocks, makerspace, campfire site, kitchen garden….
We can write about the garden in excellent form for a long time.
We think it will be better if you come and see everything with your own eyes.

Activities & Events

Almost every day we have different events and activities that we and our participants hold. Events allow everyone to quickly join the community and make good friends.
Some of them are board games, BBQ and campfire bar, dance classes, sports, educational and inspirational activities.


Location on Google Maps 

tel.: +995 574 59 4488

e-mail: colivingnewlevel@gmail.com

address:  building 1, 1st dead end, 9th street, Khomuli village, Tskaltubo, 5400, Georgia

How to get to us (Google document)

Every first Thursday of the month the coworking new_level Georgia holding an Free coworking day.

Any day you can test our coworking space by spending a free test day there

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